In order to ensure transparent and efficient relations with counterparties, Bystrinskaya Mining Company relies on public tender procedures run through electronic trading platform.

No enforcement proceedings or seized property

There shall be no enforcement proceedings in progress against the bidder and no property seized on the basis of a court ruling if by the time the agreement is to be signed the book value of the seized property exceeds twenty-five per cent of the bidder’s property book value according to their accounting statements for the most recent completed reporting period.

Compliance with Russian laws

The bidder shall comply with the requirements set in accordance with the Russian laws for providers of goods, works or services which are being procured.

No tax arrears

The bidder shall have no default on taxes or other mandatory payments to the budgets of the Russian fiscal system.

Track record

The bidder shall have a strong track record of provision of relevant goods, works or services over the last three years.

No liquidation in progress

The bidder / legal entity shall not be undergoing liquidation (winding-up, reorganisation).

Solvency and good financial standing

The bidder’s business performance shall confirm its solvency and good financial standing.


The bidder shall have the relevant goods, production capacities, technology and equipment, financial and human resources, licences and permits as may be required to meet their supply obligations.

Ongoing operations

The bidder’s operations shall not be suspended in accordance with the Russian Code of Administrative Offences as at the date of the bid.

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