The Ministry of Education of Kamchatka Krai, Bystrinskaya Mining Company and educational institutions have signed an agreement as part of Professionalitet Project.
Today in Kamchatka Krai a partnership agreement for the establishment and development of a production-and-training center (cluster) was officially signed as part of the federal project «Professionalitet».
A six-party cooperation agreement was signed between the Ministry of Education of Kamchatka Krai, JSC Bystrinskaya Mining Company and professional educational organizations.
Alexandra Korotkova
Minister of Education of Kamchatka Krai
Professionalitet is the first federal project of this kind ever launched in Russia, the signed agreement being part of it. This is a new model of HR training, which will hopefully bring professional skills of the students as close as possible to the needs of the labour market.
It’s worthy of reminding that on March, 25 the winners were announced among those competing for the RF governmental grant given to develop  the production-and-training centers (clusters). Kamchatka Polytechnic Vocational School is one of such winners and will receive a grant, i.e. a subsidy from the federal budget to develop such a cluster for mining Industry.
Liliana Buryak
Director of Kamchatka Polytechnic Vocational School
By 2024, Professionalitet Project will bring implementation of 11 training programs following requests of employers and regional business. Personnel from JSC «Bystrinskaya Mining Company» will participate in them. At least 45 contracts stipulating targeted training with guaranteed graduates’ employment have been signed.

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