Professionalitet Project: admission campaign has started in Kamchatka Krai
Within the framework of the project, enrollment for specialties and professions is presumed on the basis of 9-th and 11-th school grades. Kamchatka Krai Ministry of Education announced admission campaign for training the under Professionalitet educational programs, to take place from June 19 till August 20.
Irina Medvedeva
Deputy Minister of Education, Kamchatka Krai
Professionalitet cluster allows to train in-demand specialists  for Kamchatka mining industry on an annual basis, such as mining foreman, drilling rig operator, loading machine operator, welder.
Application for training and the necessary documents may be submitted to the admission commission of educational institutions in person offline or online on their websites. The training is available on the basis of the 9th and 11th school grades. Application documents are accepted for five project streams.
Kamchatka Polytechnical Vocational School (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky): welder (manual and partially mechanized welding (cladding/surfacing)), road and construction machinery operator, repair and maintenance of engines/motors, vehicle systems and units, vehicle repair and maintenance foreman.
Kamchatka Commercial Vocational School (Yelizovo): welder (manual and partially mechanized welding (сladding /surfacing), crane driver (crane operator), vehicle repair and maintenance foreman, maintenance and repair of engines/motors, systems and vehicle units.
Kamchatka Industrial Vocational School (Vilyuchinsk): vehicle repair and maintenance foreman.
It should be reminded that last year an educational and production cluster was created in Kamchatka to train high-skilled personnel jointly with Bystrinskaya Mining Company. Kamchatka Polytechnical Vocational School is the core of the educational and production cluster with the three professional educational institutions being its satellites (Kamchatka Industrial Vocational School, Kamchatka Commercial Vocational School, Kamchatka Agricultural Vocational School).
This year 201 Professionalitet clusters in 68 regions will open their doors to students. Detailed information about the project is available on the website япроф.рф

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