Fuel and lubricant storage facility for the Kumroch Deposit to be built In Kamchatka
Glavgosexpertiza (The RF State Expert Review Institution for Design and Survey Documentation) issued a positive expert opinion of GORA’s documentation on construction of fuel and lubricants inlet storage facility in Ust-Kamchatsky District, Kamchatka Krai. Its cargo turnover may reach 40,000 tons per annum. The storage facility will accommodate 6 tanks.
Kumroch is located in a remote area, in the eastern part of the Kamchatka Peninsula, 50 kilometers from the Kamchatka Bay, 100 km away from to the nearest settlement. Construction of the new facility will significantly reduce costs and simplify fuel delivery to the production site.
Dmitry Kumanaev
Chief Project Expert, Industrial Facilities Service, Glavgosexpertiza of Russia
Kumroch is the largest gold deposit in Kamchatka Krai. It is planned to build a modern mining and processing plant by 2026. The project is being implemented by GORA (Bystrinskaya Mining Company JSC is the operator and subsoil user). It is assumed that the plant will produce up to 4 tons of gold per annum. The following operations are ongoing in Kumroch: necessary preparation work, designing and surveying and geological exploration.
General Designer: CJSC Project Laboratory
Developer: JSC Bystrinskaya Mining Company

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